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At Konnections our people are our most valued asset and strength. We have an open culture where everyone in the organisation is encouraged to share their ideas with the top management. We are receptive to change and provide our employees with a professional environment. We recruit people of integrity who respect one another, want to grow professionally, value diverse views, work hard and have fun.

We continually invest in the success of our employees by providing leading-edge technology tools, opportunities for employees to live their values and continuing professional development that sets the industry standard.

We are full of smart people who continually astound clients with results, who act on their belief that they can change the world .

If these sound like your kind of people, do get in touch with us at careers@konnections.co.in

Public Relations
We are one of the leading Integrated Marketing Communication Consultancy in India.
Creative Services
We are a full service communications agency equipped to provide customised and effective solutions to our diverse clients.
Media Services
We possess the right knowledge and insights about the choice of medium for running successful campaigns.
Digital Services
Social media offers innovative capabilities & effective methods to reach a specified target audience.
Financial Communications
Effective financial communication is critical to attaining and maintaining investor interest & confidence, supporting the optimal pricing of shares, creating demand for share offers, and executing a successful M&A deal, whether public or private.